All Prints Measure 16 ½” X 11 ¾” And Are Created On 300gsm Satin Paper Using The Highest Quality Archival Inks.



TREMORS is one of my all time favorite movies but like The Terminator, Predator and The Thing, I had no idea it existed until I stumbled across it at my beloved Alchemy video store way back in the 80’s. Boy, that was such a magical place; I’d take my two little daughters down there and together we’d pick out a long evening of totally innappropriate viewing like Alice Cooper’s Monster Dog or Re-Animator.

Still, my dad let me stay up and watch The Wolfman when I was little and it never did me any harm, apart from all the bed wetting and screeching nightmares of course, so I’m sure they turned out OK.

Anyway, Tremors was so good that I actually wound up buying the video. That doesn’t sound like a big deal nowadays but these suckers cost between forty and fifty quid back in the 80’s! Today you can pick up the six disc Tremors box set on Ebay for £20 but hopefully you won’t be able to afford one because I’ll have totally cleaned you out flogging you this excellant painting!

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