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Joan Jett


Joan Jett is by far and away my favourite female rock star; infact if she could write songs like Tom Petty I seriously doubt that I’d listen to anyone else! Despite most of her best known stuff being cover songs, she has the ability to make even the limpest Gary Glitter and Dave Clark 5 rubbish sound apocalyptic and when she does the Stones and Sex Pistols she leaves their originals face down in the poop. Yep, as far as down n’ dirty rock chicks go, Joan Jett is definitely at the top of the food chain.

And just when I thought she couldn’t get any more lovable I spotted her in a t-shirt that read: BEAT ME, BITE ME, WHIP ME, XXXX ME LIKE THE DIRTY XXXX I AM, XXX ALL OVER MY XXXX AND TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME THEN GET THE XXXX OUT!

I don’t know if they can fit that heartwarming declaration on her gravestone when she pops off, but if they do I’d certainly be proud to see a nice carving of this excellant portrait on there too. Of course, I’ll probably be roasting in Hell by then!

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