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Vincent Price The Tingler


The Tingler was the first film I went to see after moving from England to the U.S.A. back in 1960. In Britain going to the cinema was quite a civilised event; you purchased your ticket, a packet of Fruit Gums and then entered the theatre where you sat quietly until the intermission. At this point you treated yourself to a thrilling drink on a stick and then returned to your seat for some more abysmal Norman Wisdom drek and did your best not to doze off.

I don’t ever recall leaving the cinema in Tamworth, Staffordshire with my pants filled but that was just one of many ‘firsts’ I experienced watching The Tingler. Therapy has helped me blot out most of that evening but I distinctly recall a skeleton shrieking down the aisle towards me, a rubber bat smacking me in the back of the head and a bunch of volts being shot up my butt!

After nearly choking on my chocolate covered nuts, I was led from the building with tears running down my face and even worse running into my underwear and my parents said I’d thoroughly embarrased them. They should thank their lucky stars that they didn’t live long enough to see a copy of Scream Along With Suzi; now that would have REALLY embarrased them!

Anyway, here we are 60 years down the road and I figure it’s time to pay tribute to William Castle’s shlock classic with a super oil painting. Or even one of mine!

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