All Prints Measure 16 ½” X 11 ¾” And Are Created On 300gsm Satin Paper Using The Highest Quality Archival Inks.

Vampirella Dani Thompson


Here you go, chums, hot off my quivering easel; the scrumptious Dani Thompson as Vampirella! This is the first of a 12 piece erotic horror series featuring Dani. The exquisitely framed prints will be limited to 100 each and only available from me and my buddy Mike at conventions; assuming we manage to get into any! I’ve already got Dani / Freddy Krueger sketched in and I’ll be starting that one tomorrow but if you fancy suggesting any other monster related scenes featuring Miss Thompson then fire away!
Remember though; Dani is a real person so don’t embarrass her by proposing the same perverted, disgusting scenarios you wanted Suzi to engage in!
Dani’s prints are strictly limited to 100 per painting and are only available from conventions.
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