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The Wizard Of Oz


I never watch TV but the other day I was so engrossed sketching my latest smutty Suzi scenario that I forgot to drown it out. Anyway, this Audi ad comes on accompanied by one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Realising there’s nobody about today who can compose worth a XXXX I figured it must be an old song and sure enough it was, but I was amazed to discover it was a slow, sparse rendition of ‘If I Only Had A Brain’ from The Wizard Of Oz.

I hadn’t seen this film since I watched it on a black and white telly back in 1960 (yep, I’m really, really ancient!) but as The Wizard Of Oz appears near the top of every great film list I thought I’d order the blu ray and revisit it. My God, what a movie! I swear the scene where the flying monkeys swoop down on our heroes and carry off Dorothy is one of the most frightening of all time. It certainly was for the actors; they were constantly being bounced off ground as the thin wires failed to hold their weight. In fact there were more casualties filming this kiddie flick than there was for Ben Her!

But enough of my babble; I’m obviously besotted with the film and hopefully that becomes apparent as you check out my rendition of it. No, seriously, this IS one of mine; all tastefully conceived with not a nipple in sight. Who’d have thought!!!???

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