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The Munsters


As a huge horror and creature feature film nut I find myself in the rotten position of having already bought every DVD and Blu Ray ever released in the genre. This means I just sit glumly scrolling through Ebay with my face hanging out because apart from some CGI drek (which I wouldn’t wipe my bottom on, mostly because it’s too painful!) there’s no new horrors for me to order.
Then up popped a Munsters box set. I hadn’t seen any of these shows since I was a kid and being nothing dates as badly as humour I was in two minds about ordering it. But I did and it was terrific!
Naturally this inspired me to whip out my trusty oil paints and three days later I staggered out of my garden studio with this beauty. I say staggered because this was done over a red hot Bank Holiday weekend and my glass fronted studio gets the full wrath of the sun. I was just about fried by the time I got around to Eddie Munster but I hung on in there and I think this one turned out pretty darn nice!
But getting back to all those DVD’s. I bet you any money that when I pop off my kids will load them all into my beloved Berlingo van and go dump ’em down the tip.
And the bastards will probably leave my van down there too!

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