All Prints Measure 16 ½” X 11 ¾” And Are Created On 300gsm Satin Paper Using The Highest Quality Archival Inks.

THE FLY 1986


My 13 year old Grandson, Ellyse, visited me in my studio while I was working on a Pam Griers portrait the other day. He took a good look around at the cluster of paintings I had drying and then said “Gramps…..seriously.” I must admit, for the first time I felt a bit embarrased. Well, not for the first time, I always feel embarrassed. But I did think ‘do I really want to pop off in 10 years and have the vicar summing up my art career by saying “Yep, Rick Melton, he sure did paint a lot of tits.” No, so I’ve decided to dump all the nude paintings, even though they’re p*ss easy to do and earn me good money, and concentrate on doing some real nice classic horror instead. Here’s the first, David Croneberg’s The Fly!

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