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The Disembodied Hand


The Disembodied Hand is my favourite segment from Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors and with a bit of luck I’ll be rendering the rest of the anthology for a Dark Side feature. Earlier on I rang up Brycie and enthusiastically spent an hour selling him on the idea of a six page Dr Terror’s feature, totally hand painted by myself but written by one of his good writers.
I could tell from his excitable panting that he was keen on the idea and I was already visualising the big bucks I was going to make from selling all the original artwork. Then Yannie picked up the phone and explained that Brycie was in the back garden cleaning out their swimming pool and that I’d spent the last 50 minutes talking to his dog.
This happens a lot. Once I spent 2 hours explaining to his goldfish why we should go into the DVD business together and another time I wound up talking to thin air after he fell off his wallet and knocked himself out!