All Prints Measure 16 ½” X 11 ¾” And Are Created On 300gsm Satin Paper Using The Highest Quality Archival Inks.

Suzi Goes To Nevada


Thanks go to Nathan Harding of Sheffield for his suggestion of The Hideous Sun Demon. “Hi Rick” chirped Nathan “How about Suzi tangling with the lizard guy out of The Hideous Sun Demon? Sure, the film stinks but hardly a week goes by where I don’t sit myself down with a big box of tissues and throw one off to that huge tittied blonde singer. Sadly, despite repeatedly hitting the pause button I still haven’t managed to catch a glimpse of nipple. It’s so frustrating; I mean her boobs are practically fighting each other to jump out of that low cut dress but they just won’t. What’s keeping ’em in??!! Oh well, fortunately Suzi never keeps ’em in so I finally get the chance to see the ol’ Demon enjoying a nice perky set of Britain’s best! Unfortunately I’m on benefits as I suffer from repetitive stress in my wrists due to all the whacking off. This means I won’t be bidding on the original but I look forward to having a big splurge when it pops up as a print!”

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