“All exploitive art should look like it’s been knocked up at 5am by some wasted bum who once had talent but is now seriously on the slide.”

Suzi Goes To Bodmin Moor


Steve Poole is bit of a greedy bastard; he’s already booked a place in Suzi’s book with the Alligator People but not content with that the pushy krunt has also suggested Rawhead Rex. I wasn’t going to mention this but he also wanted to see Suzi engaged in a menage a’ trois with Kate Beckinsale and the Beast of Yucca Flats. Yes, I’m totally disgusted as well.
I’ll probably do it though!
Anyway, I told him that ‘Rex’ will have to wait as a bunch of other suggestions (sent in by decent folks) have to be done first. However, as soon as I sketched this in I knew it was going to be a great painting. In fact I’m so pleased with it that I’ve sent the image to Brycie as a possible cover for issue 199 of The Dark Side magazine.
He’s probably having an embolism as I type!
As for Steve, not only will his name appear twice in my new book but the whole world (including his wife and Kate Beckinsale) now realise what a humongous pervert he is!