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Suzi Goes To Bodmin Moor


Steve Poole is bit of a greedy bastard; he’s already booked a place in Suzi’s book with the Alligator People but not content with that the pushy krunt has also suggested Rawhead Rex. I wasn’t going to mention this but he also wanted to see Suzi engaged in a menage a’ trois with Kate Beckinsale and the Beast of Yucca Flats. Yes, I’m totally disgusted as well.
I’ll probably do it though!
Anyway, I told him that ‘Rex’ will have to wait as a bunch of other suggestions (sent in by decent folks) have to be done first. However, as soon as I sketched this in I knew it was going to be a great painting. In fact I’m so pleased with it that I’ve sent the image to Brycie as a possible cover for issue 199 of The Dark Side magazine.
He’s probably having an embolism as I type!
As for Steve, not only will his name appear twice in my new book but the whole world (including his wife and Kate Beckinsale) now realise what a humongous pervert he is!

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