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Suzi Does The Predator


This is another one for Suzi’s new book so instead of me boring you all silly let’s take a look at it from her perspective!
“Hi everybody, Suzi here! Most of my pals down here at Dark Side Towers give the ol’ Predator a wide berth but I think he’s quite a friendly fellow. True, when he first arrived he was a bit of a grouch but that’s probably because he’d just been duffed up by some big Austrian in the jungle. To add insult to injury the insensitive rotter also hurt Pred’s feelings by calling him an ugly muttha……um…..thingy.
Still, a few hugs soon put that right and nowadays he’s just as friendly and affable as all the other retired ‘B’ movie monsters that hang out down here. Well, apart from the time he slipped a bit and yanked the head off a flipping Jehova’s Witness but honestly, who hasn’t ever contemplated doing that?

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