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Suzi Does The Creeping Terror


Suzi being snaffled by the Creeping Terror has been done at the suggestion of Mark Carter from Norwich. Well, actually Mark suggested the pointy headed alien from ‘It Conquered The World’ but I XXXX’d that one up so I bullied him into suggesting this.
“But I was really looking forward to seeing Suzi draped around that cheesy monster” bleated Mark “I bought a brand new box of tissues and everything, it really isn’t on.”
I explained that because of the way ‘It’ had been designed the only way I could get all of him and Suzi into the picture would be to sit her on top of his head, which would seriously stretch her horizons.
“Well that’s why I suggested it” huffed Mark “I can’t see how Suzi posing with the tacky carpet monster from The Creeping Terror will be very sexy.”
As you can see, Mark couldn’t be more wrong and hopefully he’ll be putting those tissues to good use when Suzi’s new book comes out in October!