“All exploitive art should look like it’s been knocked up at 5am by some wasted bum who once had talent but is now seriously on the slide.”

Suzi Does Pennywise


The Dark Side editor rang yesterday to tell me that the Rondo Award result for best magazine cover art had just been announced.
“Oh wow!” I squealed “Did I win!!??”
“No, you dam’ well didn’t” he grunted “and if I actually paid you, I’d slash your wages, you talentless bum!”
Oh well, maybe I’ll pick me up one of those Rondo’s next year, not that I’m overly optimistic. Let’s face it, I can’t even win a Slaughter Award and I work for the bloke who hands ’em out! Still, it’s no good crying over spilled Juicy Lube as Suzi would say. Which reminds me; here she is, with Pennywise!