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Suzi Does Galaxy Of Terror


Throwing Suzi into the maggot rape scene out of Galaxy Of Terror was never going to be an easy job, not least because……well, maggots just aren’t sexy! In the film everything worked fine because they cropped out most of the maggot and went in tight on hottie Taafe O’Connell writhing about orgasmically in worm slime but Suzi got tight and slimed in The Stuff so I can’t do that again!
At present I’m really ramping up the Suzi paintings because the deadline for her book looms ever closer. Don’t send me any more suggestions for monsters for her to tackle because the acknowledgement page (where you’ve all be credited in a humiliating and derogatory fashion) is finished. I don’t think I’ve left any of you out but if I have you should be relieved!

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