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Suzi Does A Humanoid From The Deep


Hi, Suzi here!

Uncle Rick is busy putting my book together so he’s asked me to describe what’s going on in this piece. I first met ol’ Humie in Margate and even though I was getting used to posing with various ‘B’ movie critters I was a little bit wary of this guy. As fans of Roger Corman’s 1980 classic will know, Humanoids are the horniest bunch of mutant amphibians ever to crash a local fun fair. Fortunately, Humie doesn’t have quite as much….um…..beef in his jerky as he did back in the 80’s so we took him back to Dark Side Towers where he happily splashes about in the moat with Dinocroc and his other aquatic pals.

Unfortunately he does have a bad habit of making filthy gestures and twerking obscenely when anyone crosses the draw bridge so Brycie locks him in the kitchen when people visit.

It’s no big deal though; he has to do the same thing with Uncle Rick!