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Red Sonja


The best thing I can say about the English seaside resort of Gt Yarmouth is that given a choice between spending 3 days there or sitting here for 3 days with my face in a fan, I’d probably choose Yarmouth. However, my wife has decided we should hire out a caravan and treat our grandchildren to a long week-end of nipple stiffening cold east winds and the splendid aroma of greasy food cooked in oil that was probably last changed in 1997.
Not that I’m in a bad mood about it. As I’m off to short break hell with a bunch of people who’ll still spend bravely whether I’ve earned anything or not, I figure I better bring out the big guns and paint something with a strong fan base.
I’ll admit that I’d never heard of Red Sonja but apparently she’s a pretty popular comic book character so here she is casually watching her slain victim getting further duffed up by a pair of buzzards.
Heck, he’s having an even worse time than I’m about to!

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