“All exploitive art should look like it’s been knocked up at 5am by some wasted bum who once had talent but is now seriously on the slide.”

Mary Janes Last Dance


‘There’s pigeons now in Market Square / She’s standing in her underwear / Looking down from a hotel room / Nightfall will be comin’ soon’

When I first heard Tom Petty sing Mary Jane’s Last Dance I thought he’d written one of the best vampire love songs ever. After I bought it I realized it was more about drugs and suicide but I still like to think that the song is about a hot Indiana vampire who leaves town and moves on after each kill. Anyway, that’s the way I like it so that’s the way I painted it. Naturally, I got rid of the underwear too! Sorry about the crotch hiding logo; it won’t be on your print and there’s no surprises (!) under there!