All Prints Measure 16 ½” X 11 ¾” And Are Created On 300gsm Satin Paper Using The Highest Quality Archival Inks.

Mark Of The Vampire


Normally I’ll paint a Dark Side cover and then 3 weeks later I’ll get contacted to do the next one. For some reason though, I’ve been asked to crank out four (Lust For A Vampire, Jack The Ripper, Kolchak and Mark Of The Vampire) in as many weeks. Is there something Sally (my wife) and Brycie (world’s biggest tightarse and editor) aren’t telling me? Should I be checking for blood in my stool? Am I going to last long enough to see my book come out? Oh well, at least my last painting wasn’t just another pair of huge tits. It will be though, if I can squeak through another three days!

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