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Lindsay Wagner


I’ve been slogging away for the last few days on a Charlie’s Angels painting for Infinity magazine but it’s been a real pain. Sometimes I can nail a likeness right off and other times it’s just one big muck up. In this case it’s THREE big muck ups! Of course, the way to always guarantee a good likeness is to trace a photo but although this works OK on male portraits it’s a terrible method to use with women because the traced lines result in making them look old. This explains why there’s so few women rendered on DVD and book covers nowadays; they’re flipping hard to paint!

Anyway, I decided to take a break from Farrah Fawcett and co. and try another 70’s female icon, the Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagner. This one came together quite easily and I was feeling pretty darn cocky; at least I was till my wife walked in and said “Who’s that?”

Fortunately she was referring to the new Thai cleaner I’d just hired on, Wang Ho, and not this excellant portrait of Lindsay. Alright, that’s a lie. Sally was referring to this painting but then she doesn’t even recognise herself when I paint her so her opinion’s pretty worthless. And besides, Wang Ho thinks it’s fabulous!

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