“All exploitive art should look like it’s been knocked up at 5am by some wasted bum who once had talent but is now seriously on the slide.”

Junkyard Dog


This original oil painting has been created as a cover for the Xmas edition of German magazine ‘Dobermann Liebhaber Monatich’ (Doberman Lovers Monthly). OK, that’s a lie. It is in fact just another piece of smut I’ve lovingly created to flog on Ebay. Fans of my work (Bob in Frinton) will recognize this image from a graphite sketch I did yonks ago. I can’t remember now who posed for it but the girl resembles my ex wife Silvana so it was probably her. As I really took a battering in our divorce settlement and she is now a highly respected business woman let’s say it’s her anyway. Hey, if she doesn’t have a sense of humor she should have stayed in Naples!