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Full Moon Fever


Way back in the 60’s on a cold rainy day, I was lying in front of the fire leafing through all the Frank Frazetta covers I’d callously ripped off various magazines down the newsagents, when my old mum looked over my shoulder and said “Ah, Ricky, you really can’t beat a bit of bestiality.” OK, that’s a lie; actually she said “What fat bastard ate the last Cream Horn” but that didn’t fit so well with my description.
Of course, all my fans (Steve Yates, Yves from Belgium and some woman in Frinton) know that Frank Frazetta was the reason I started painting and after listening to a great interview with his grand daughter on Jeff Lafferty’s Artcasters (youtube) I was inspired to paint a werewolf leering at a blonde with a big fat arse just like Frank did.
But sadly, not as well.