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Debbie Harry


As long as I can remember I’ve had a thing for beautiful women. Perhaps if my ‘thing’ had been more impressive I’d actually have managed to score a few! When this hot chick obsession started I can’t say but I suspect seeing Marilyn Monroe leaning out of her bunk in Some Like It Hot kicked it all off. A couple of years later Sophia Loren climbing out of the sea in Boy On A Dolphin sent my jaw crashing onto my chest. Unfortunately she also initiated a lust for Italian women, a habit which turned out to be ruinously expensive!

It was about a decade later before another equally, unbelievably beautiful woman turned up on my TV and that was when Debbie Harry hit Top Of The Pops skipping about to Heart Of Glass. I’ve painted Marilyn and Sophia many times but apart from a Videodrome illustration I’ve never tackled Miss Harry. Now I have I think she just might be the most stunning of the three.

Don’t tell Sophia though; I know what it’s like to whopped upside the head by an Italian woman!

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